Book Name: Villas Design

  • Ocean Readings  
  • Phoenix Publishing Limited
  • 978-988-15904-2-8
  • English
  • 50.00  U.S. dollar
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2012.06
  • 230×305
  • 320

Editor' Review

This book includes more than 50 projects from different countries with different features and culture background. Each project are added specific introduaction about the details of the project,such the size ,materials, design concept etc., it fits to the different horizon needs of all walks of life.


72 Sentosa Cove
3 Mews House
Casa Q House
Casa Folha
Tracy 2010
Casey Key Guest House
Fennell Residence
Franklin Avenue Condominiums
Jones House
Nove II Residence
Tattoo House
Trojan House
27 East Sussex Lane
28 West Coast Grove
Aatrial House
Anglesea House
Bridge House
Casa De La Flora
Casa Carrara
Serengeti House
Echo House
Braeside Street
Panet Raymond Beach House
Camp Robberg
Star House
45 Faber Park
55 Blair Road
Acapulco House
Golden Crust Bakery
Henley Street,Barwon Heads
River Road House
Ilma Grove House
M2 VIP House
Mash House
Monk's Shadow
Prahran House
Pernambuco House
Rechter House
Vader House
Seadrift House
House V
Wide Open Villa
Capital Residence
Stefano House
Sentosa House
Mirante Do Horto House
Soaring Wings


In the west, architecture is an art of space shaping called "the history written in stone." As the integration of many arts, architecture isn't only supposed to provide a comfortable and convenient human living space, but to bring the visual beauty, which stems from the architectural form and the prefect combination of building technology and arts. The projects in the book "Villas Design" are collected from different countries, with different features and culture background. Added to comments to the distinctions of architecture and building materials from the new perspective, it fits to the different horizon needs of all walks of life.