Book Name: Romantic Restaurants

  • Ocean Readings  
  • Phoenix Publishing Limited
  • 978-988-15902-5-1
  • English
  • 38.00  U.S. dollar
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2012.05
  • 245×330
  • 256

Editor' Review

Romantic Restaurants takes us on a romantic trip around the world, exploring aboput 50 featured cases, detailed design comments and more than 500 full-color photographs. This book will serve as an indispensible resourse for the designers and readers alike.


Crush 29 Restaurant
Herbivore Restaurant
Karakoy Lokantasi
A Voce
ANNA Restaurant
Na Mata Coffee
Oru Restaurant
12 Chairs
The Fat 0live
Yucca Restaurant


Reflecting its unique food culture, western restaurant design history is long. But today, instead of classical, luxurious and elegant style, the restaurant's style has changed into civilian and diverse, which is out of global cultural integration and the specific changes of food culture. These impressions to the ordinary restaurant was more and more converted by elements of fashion, except for the classical installation of bar, buffet table table, wine racks as the continuation of the western diet essence; and moreover, the significance of these elements finally remain — to represent the natural, relaxed and enjoyable concept in western diet. This is where “Romantic Restaurant” starts from.