Book Name: Western Classical Charm

  • Phoenix Publishing Limited
  • 978-988-16529-5-9
  • English
  • 58.00  U.S. dollar
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2013.03
  • 225x285
  • 336

Editor' Review

This book selects dozens of contemporary architectural design works integrating western classical style all over the world, including hotel, restaurant, club, theatre, school, villa and other categories.Offering a brand-new perspective on contemporary classical style, the book will show readers the unique artistic charm of the classical aesthetic in the context of modern design.


0 1 6 - 2 1 1
French I Residence 16
BGR Residence 26
House on Lower Cape 34
Pepperwood 42
18 Ocean Course Drive 52
Private Residence at Crystal Cove 60
Morris Island Guest House 66
House on Stage Neck 74
Fog Hollow 82
Whang Residence 88
Paris in San Francisco 94
House on Stage Island 100
Vacation Home 108
Morgan Hill Taj 114
Belle View 120
Saint Basil's Apartment 128
House on Hardings Beach 134
House on Lake Wequaquet 140
Avenue Road 146
Tuscan Villa 154
Cloudscape Villa Showroom 160
Malinard Manor 170
Classical House 186
Down Street 192
Palazzo Orlandi 198
Wilton Residence 206
The Basic Forms of Classical Architectural Elements 6

2 1 4 - 3 3 1
San Francisco City Hall 214
W Hotel Paris-Opéra 226
Grand Hotel Majestic “già Baglioni” 232
Wequassett Signature Collection 242
Dockside Lobby 250
El Palauet Liveing Barcelona 254
Hotel Hospes Palacio De Bailio 260
Hotel Hospes Palacio De Los Patos - Granada 266
Hotel Hospes Villa Paulita - Puigcerdà 272
Manchester Square 278
The Dominican 282
Capri Palace Hotel 290
The Vault of Firmament 296
The House Hotel Bosphorus 302
Restyling of the Grand Hotel Villa Cora 312
Bellavita 318
Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club 324
Architecture Gallery 328
Index 332


From the worldwide revival of classical style over and over in history to the lasting popularity of classical eclectic and mashup style nowadays, we can get the idea that the quintessential elements in classical style, with the long-standing history and rich culture, still keep their art vitality unfailing and fresh in the changes of times.

Like other traditional culture, classical style, as a kind of history complex and an original totem in human heart, has already become a cultural and artistic seed which could sprout again under suitable situation, and so too has Western architecture in classical style which got praised for its inheritance and profoundness, while criticized for being archaic and abstruse. However, the fact is indisputable that it carries cultural significance and receives people’s attention and affection unceasingly.

No matter Gothic, Byzantine, Baroque, Rococo, Romanticism, Neoclassical, Eclecticism and Art Deco, western architecture schools have influenced worldwide architecture design deeply and profoundly. In recent years, Neoclassical style has been favoured especially by elite class in some Asian countries. In a multi way of thinking, it integrates retro romantic feeling and modern requirement, mixing luxury, elegance and fashion, reflecting unique post-industrial aesthetic viewpoints and tastes.

The author of this book is Dopress Books. Its work explores contemporary architectural design such as hotel, restaurant, club, theatre, school, villa and so on. The book is widely considered as a visual feast for urban elite’s architectural design. Furthermore, it serves as valuable reference for architects and designers.