Book Name: World Landscape Contemporary Selected Projects 10×100 III

  • Shi Ying  Lin Jiayi  
  • Phoenix Publishing Limited
  • 978-988-15547-8-9
  • English
  • 150.00  U.S. dollar
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2012.01
  • 260x370
  • 416

Editor' Review

The book showcases the contemporary cutting-edge works of international landscape designers, and the projects are divided into 10 categories—Residence and Garden, Commercial and Office Space, Waterfront and Ecology, Campus Planning, Planning Design, Park and Green Place, Plaza and Open Space, Leisure and Entertainment, Tourism and Resort, Traffic and Transportation.


World Landscape Contemporary Selected Projects10x100 Ⅲ is composed of about 100 award-winning and reputable projects from first class international landscape architecture firms. It is classified into 10 categories, including residence and garden, commercial and office space, waterfront and ecology, campus planning, planning design, park and green place, plaza and open space, leisure and entertainment, tourism and resort, traffic and transportation. Numerous drawings record the whole design process of the landscape architects, indicating their wonderful design ideas and mature design techniques. In addition, suitable descriptions deeply analyze their design concept and ideas. This book shortens the distance between landscape professionals, students, and the best landscape architects, serving as precious source of knowledge in understanding the development of landscape architects in recent years as well as being an inspiration in your design life.