Book Name: Stone Features in Garden Design

  • Tianjin Ifeng Space Media Co., Ltd.  
  • Phoenix Publishing Limited
  • 978-988-15903-7-4
  • English
  • 33.00  U.S. dollar
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2012.09
  • 230x280
  • 208

Editor' Review

This book is filled with the magical works of very gifted people from across the globe and there are many cultures, disciplines and lands represented in this book. The reader will discover the very dramatically singular creation by Jon Piasecki and his Stone River, and the fabulous sculptures of Toru Oba. From the classic Oriental Gardens of Japan to traditional Ireland and a thought provoking installation in South Africa, these stony creations are positive and stimulating for future generations and their works and commissions.


Kantake-yama for Samukawa Jinja
Tabidachi no niwa
Shiuntai “Ryuumontei”
Rigyoseki Garden
Residential Garden for Mr.S
Mikage Yamate N Garden
Peaceful Garden
Rokko M Garden
Dressia Kami Ikebukuro
Hotarumibashi Park
Artisans Garden
Rustic Stone Garden
For Bob & Brenda
Love Story
The Ancients
Yarra Glen
Olinda Property
The Sustainable Garden
Stone Side Garden
Wall Garden
Dry Stack Stone Wall
Stone Terrace
Steel, Stone, Sculpture
Schiemann Rock Garden
Harlan Hills
Dells Fire Pit
Stone River
Akasaka Park Building
Mejiro Gakuen Campus
New Zealand Embassy Garden
The Ritz Carlton Bali
Liseberg Amusement Park
Weinstock Residence Garden
Coleman Residence Garden
Cliff House Residence Garden
Terraced Hill Design with Water Feature
Terraced Hill Design
The Granite Garden
Soapstone Fountain
Stone Sculpture
Stone Steps
Stone Basins
Stone Bench
He’s Villa Garden


Stone feature is part of modern landscape design. It mainly refers to the landscape, usually used for ornament and functional needs, with natural rocks or artificial stone sculptures arranged in a garden. It can be set seperately or serves as part of the landscape, along with kinds of plants around, to create a good visual effect.

Stone Features in Garden Design presents a wide range of fine works selected from all over the world. All of the designs present a balance between the owners' thoughts, interests, personalities and designers' professional ability, while at the same time bringing out harmony between human and nature.